The Best Paddle's Origin Story: Redefining Excellence

Founded by two close friends, Taylor Chien and Jamie Foxx: 

It all began with one simple question: "Which paddle is the best?" Disappointed by the lack of clarity at a local sports store, our founder's frustration ignited a vision for change. Thus, The Best Paddle was born—not just as a purveyor of innovative equipment, but as a creator of unparalleled experiences.

Driven by a mission to enhance the lives of pickleball enthusiasts, we set out to define what is the best. From high-quality products, transparent customer service, to vibrant community engagement, we craft more than just paddles; we cultivate unforgettable experiences on and off the court. At The Best Paddle, greatness is not just what you hold in your hand—it's the connections that are forged and the memories that are made. 

Jamie Foxx on the pickleball court

Mission Statement:

Empowering connection through pickleball, The Best Paddle is committed to building a vibrant community and fostering authentic human interactions while promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. Alongside our dedication to fostering connection, we're on a journey to revolutionize paddle technology, leveraging new and innovative advancements to create the best paddle experience for players worldwide. 



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