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TBP 16mm Eva Core X Edgeless - Jamie Foxx Signature Paddle

TBP 16mm Eva Core X Edgeless - Jamie Foxx Signature Paddle

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These paddles are in high demand with Limited Stock.  Order now!

*Please note that this paddle is not for tournament play.

Introducing Jamie Foxx's Signature Pickleball Paddle! This sleek design features a 16mm thickness with EVA Core X Technology for optimal performance on the court.  The EVA foam core provides a soft sound that is unlike any other paddle. The unibody carbon fiber edgeless mold provides even more strength to the paddle overall. The all-black design is accented with Jamie Foxx's signature for a touch of style. This paddle probably has the most powerful punch packed into a pickleball paddle that's currently on the market. The larger sweet spot allows for more power and controlled dink accuracy. It ships in an all new black box. 

*Please note that this paddle is for recreational play only. USAPA sanctioned tournaments currently won't allow this paddle technology due to the powerful deflection. Elevate your game with this top-of-the-line paddle! 


Paddle Specs:

Weight: 8.0oz


16.4 in


7.4 in




EVA Foam

Surface:  Carbon Fiber with Special Coat Black Grit Paint 


Handle Length: 


Grip size: 

4 1/8" 


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